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These 2 Things Will Increase Your Instagram Engagement IN 2021


Are you thinking about how to increase your Instagram engagement in the year 2021? So do we……. 
10x WAYS recently analyzed the number of likes on a post, which showed results as a thing feature being a strong indicator of its performance. 
In these times, one needs to look into the future for assessing their performance metrics.
Changes in measuring engagement are the only natural thing because we change how to get more attention on our feeds. Plus, it is super easy. 

Create “SAVE-ABLE” Feed 

First of all, there is Bad news. That is, Likes don’t matter anymore on posts.
So what does matter then? The answer is simple, SAVE, COMMENTS & SHARE are very hot these days.

Instagram comments save, and shares are way more important than before. The best way for improvement for this year is to make content that encourages your audience to save the post. 
Instagram Save is anything that the viewers will need to revisit at a later time.

A travel content creator might see success from making blog-style posts and then sharing info about their travels.

While you’re brainstorming content for your feed, recognize what’s essential to your viewers and what they want to find value in. These posts can be anything from a graph to ridiculous memes or quotes that are inspired.

Instagaram saves

Instagram Stories Stickers

About 500 million Instagram accounts use stories every day, So you need to be unique.
Instagram Stories stickers are the perfect way to make sure your followers chat and share their experiences with you; this way, you can make sure they are loyal to you and your content. 
There are a few ways you can get started with stickers to increase Instagram engagement:

1- Post a question sticker

This sparks many convos more than even AMA on Reddit. Influencers use this sticker to help followers get to know each other better even, and you can do the same for your business. This way, your followers can understand your brand better and get more info about your content.
Instagram stories are also a great place to ask your viewers some questions about your brand. You can create an ASK ANY QUESTION Sticker about your color palette or even what products they would like to see more of.

This engagement, conversation, and viewer feedback can be all wrapped up in one fantastic post!

2- Use a Countdown Sticker

If you want to increase your followers’ engagement and even get more of a crowd with your sales, the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories is excellent and easy to use. 
Share a story about a launch or a sale and put the countdown timer. This fun feature is a great way to increase engagement.
Your followers can even subscribe to the countdown event that shows your launch, this will send a reminder to the subscribers when the time is over, and the countdown is done!


Need to get more ideas about stickers? Here is some more info. 
The Quiz sticker is quite fun. This lets you share trivia-style questions with your followers, and it will give the results to the public. Essentially, they’ll be able to see whether they got it right.
You will also be able to see how many votes the option got and how every person voted.


10x Ways used to think that poll sticker is most hottest sticker in Instagram right now. Why we think this? Because when you ask an interesting question from your audience, all of sudden engament rate + views increase dramatically.
Example of the Question is Just like:

Which Device Are You Using Right Now?

5- Others

Another excellent strategy to engage with your followers and get your audience to sign in for special events and promotions
Stories have released more and more features that can be used to your advantage to produce content that produces high engagement. This can also build a stronger 
a community for your brand.

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