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Back in 90’s when DVD became the new hot entertainment device and Mobile Phones were bulky and the Internet started to change the world. And now everything has totally changed. DVD is replaced by Blue-ray 4K disks, the mobile phone has become smarter and almost do the work like PC, Internet has become a global village with most of the business are because of it. People are watching, earning, new skills at home.

Even in 2021, technology has made many changes in our life then how would be life in the future? Let’s discuss it:


Well, everyone knows the electric car is nothing new because we have already seen some on the road for quite a long time and now they are only getting better with car batteries are lasting longer and many companies are investing in self-driving cars.

The days are not that far when there’s no space left on road, we might get a flying car in near future. There are plenty of designs that show flying cars are possible.

2- Robots

As the world is progressing in technology rapidly, many organizations moving towards automation to get their work done as soon as possible with less expense and gain more profit. That day is not far when robots will take place of many restaurants as waiters, cleaning, doing assigned tasks and we could easily be living in a future with robots helping around the home as butlers, chefs.

3- Solar Panel Technology

The solar panel is another technology that has been around for many years and people are using it to gain electricity for their home with tiles installed on their roof. Not only home, but it’s also used on roof of electric cars and this has great potential in future because with the help of solar energy, air pollution can also be controlled.

4- Gesture Based Computing

Isn’t it pretty cool when we see in movies people using gesture technology to do tasks or any computing, this gesture based computing concept has also been around for a while and has been used in multiple different technologies. So, in near future, we might have this one too.

5- Smart Mirrors that Check your Health

When you wake up in the morning and a glance in the mirror shows you how you are looking and feeling. Now imagine a futurist mirror that shows your health, blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies or warning signs of underlying issues by scanning you. This concept is also around for while and may be possible in the future.

6- High-Rise Farms

With the increase in population, life is getting difficult not only for humans but also for animals to live on. We might get a farm at unusual places or buildings with the help of technology.

7- 3D Printed Metals & Foods

3D printing has come on a fair bit of idea and concept in the last few years. Just recently, with advancements in technology, researchers producing 3D-printed parts from metal and stainless steel. Also, 3D printing technology is coming along quickly and companies are already experimenting with printing food too. We might get to see the magic of 3D printing in the future.

8- Wearable Screens

Many people are dreaming about foldable phones or screen but the future might be screenless because there are plenty of touchable projectors used around the world that can beam useable screen on your board, clothe or even on hands.

9- Artificial Intelligence

AI is around us in the form of machines, smartphones and now robots too. Also, voice assistants like Google assistants and Siri are widely used around the world which shows how far has AI comes.

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