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Environmental pollution is not new but it’s still the biggest issue or problem faced by humanity. Some of these major causes are due to industries, urbanization and mining. Despite the attention of world leaders toward it, the impact of pollution is still being felt due to its severe long-term effect.

Pollution has different types it can be in form of water, air, noise, pesticides and fertilizers as well as muddy landscape.

Let’s discuss some of the pollutions in little detail that how they are affecting our environment, living things and our world.

1- Noise Pollution

In Urban areas, one of the major problems faced by people living in it is noise pollution. It may be due to drivers honking the honk, workers drilling the surface, just noise, noise, noise everywhere.

#DidYouKnow: Noise pollution is responsible for 16,600 deaths and more than 72,000 hospitalize every year in Europe alone.

Some of the noise pollutions are caused by Traffic noise, Air traffic noise, Construction sites, Catering and nightlife and Animals.

Noise pollution effects are as followed:  Physical, Psychological, Sleep and Behavioral Disorders, Memory and Concentration.

2- Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs due to harmful materials or substances which they enter into a water stream, river, lake, or ocean. Toxic kind particles or materials from farms, big towns, industries and factories readily dissolve and mix into water, causing water pollution. Most of the pollution also occurs due to sewage water from home. It can come from sinks, showers and toilets. More than 85% percent of the world’s wastewater flows back to the environment without being used properly. In the USA, 34 billion water gallons are wasted per day.

Effect of water pollution are as followed:

Most of the population in the world have to face the destruction of biodiversity, contamination of the food chain, lack of potable water, and Infant mortality. Plus they have to drink dirty water which is really injurious for health.

3- Soil Pollution

Soil pollution also refers to the degradation of land due to the presence of chemically contained materials or other man-made substances in the soil. Any toxic chemicals present in the soil will get absorbed by the plants which then gets passed up through the food chain. Some of the common causes of soil pollution are Improper industrial waste disposal, Acid rain which is caused by air pollution, activities of mining, intensive farming and agrochemicals (like fertilizers and pesticides), Industrial accidents.

Effect of soil pollution are as followed:

Other effects of soil pollution include: Loss of soil nutrients, which renders the soil unfit for agriculture, Impacts the natural flora and fauna residing in the soil, Degrades vegetation due to the increase of salinity of the soil, Toxic dust (such as silica dust) can cause respiratory problems or even lung cancer.

4- Light Pollution

Light pollution is an immoderate light that causes a serious threat to nocturnal (occurring at night) wildlife, having many negative impacts on plant and animal physiology like it can confuse the migratory patterns of animals, alter and change the interactions of animals & predator-prey relations and cause physiological harm.

5- Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is a bit tricky, unlike other pollutions which are straightforward. Many times, nuclear power plants and factories use water to cool things so if they put that warmed up water back into the environment, it destroys fish and wildlife patterns and makes them difficult to survive on because it reduces the oxygen. This is called thermal pollution.

6- Radioactive Pollution

Chernobyl or Fukushima comes into our minds when we think of radioactive pollution. In these nuclear power plants fission of radioactive materials, uranium and plutonium are used to create electricity. If both failed, it led to toxic chemicals and radiation being leaked out into the environment, which is radioactive pollution.

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