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1- Meeting & Making new friends

Online & Multiplayer Games has become one of the major platforms for meeting new people around different parts of the world. You can meet various people and can team up with them in games like FPS, Open World Games, RPG and many more. If you ask me I met many good people in GTA V Online and in some battle royale games too. This is what cool about it you can be friends with many different people.

2- Communication with Friends

Like I previously told that gaming helps you make meet and make friends with different people around the world, it also allows you to communicate with them. There are some in-game features where you can voice chat with friends as well as text chat. There are also some apps like Discord which let you talk via voice as well as chat in the chat channel.

3- Improve your strategy skills

There are some games well most of the games which can help in making your mind sharp as well as improve skills of how you can make a strategy. The strategy is simply a way to how can you outsmart your friend or your opponent. Some of the best games that I played were COD, Counter-Strike as well as PUBG.

4- Useful for Problem Solving

Like improving strategy skills, gaming can also help you solve different problems and strategy which can be a valuable tool for teens and kids. In the Sims game, you can plan out a city where to build which building and sort out the problem of taxes and control population growth. Another example is Minecraft, where it teaches a player on using different objects, exploring the world and how to survive out there.

Some of the games are based on historical events, which can help in understanding about past. It’s better to play history than reading it.

5- Help you to spend good time

Gaming helps a person in reducing stress from a long boring day of work or education. It makes you feel comfortable when you play your favorite game and also helps you feel much better. Gaming is the best way to spend your leisure time. So any game you find enjoyable can relieve your stress.

6- Help you Improve Focus & Attention

During gaming, the player’s whole focus and attention are on the game that how actually is he playing or making a plan to tackle out the strategy of his opponent as well as a friend playing with him. Parents worried about their children that gaming can spoil them and their children spend their whole day thinking about gaming but that not really the case. Everything has its order, parents should allow them to play some games so this can provide refreshment to their children which would also help them in keeping attentive and focused.

7- Gaming may Treat Depression

We all know every single person is having some hard time in living life because of some responsibilities, job and some others tension about life. So it’s better to take some time out of the real world and get lost in the gaming one. Have some time with the game you enjoy the most and play it till you feel better.

8- Gaming can also help Couples

Well, nothing makes a better relationship when both couples love gaming. For gamers couple, gaming can help them having a good time with each other, having a lot of fun, making their relation more strong and helps them understand each other as well. Gamers couple can play multiplayer games with each other as well as with Sims games.

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